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SMASH has been set up to help dairy farmers, particularly those with smaller operations, to run successful businesses. We mainly achieve this by running events throughout New Zealand. These give farmers the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills which will stand them in good stead back on their own farms.

We also want to foster a supportive farming community – we are all in it together! SMASH is run by a group of New Zealand dairy farmers with a passion for the industry and for helping to build a strong and sustainable future for dairy farming. Read more

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Focus on Improving Your Repro Results - with Dave Swney and Jair Mandriaza ... See MoreSee Less
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Spore counts are on the rise, hopefully your cows are well protected? We have a paper on our website covering some the factors to think about, including:- Sub-clinical facial eczema (FE) is a problem on at least a third of dairy farms in the North Island.- Spore counting is good for detecting trends, but to be most relevant, the same paddocks need to be tested each week on your farm.- Chicory and plantain, planted in swards, protect against facial eczema, while tall fescue may have some protective effect.- Lime has no effect on spore counts.- Zinc remains the best protection tool but under-dosage is common.- Farmers need to test a selection of cattle for zinc concentration in the blood and liver damage.You can find the full paper here: Or head over to DairyNZ's website, they have some good info there too: ... See MoreSee Less
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Our Farmers

Keith and Tracey

Smaller herd works for couple

“You are never too old to learn, attending SMASH events, industry and bank days keeps you well-informed and up-to-date. It is great to get off farm to see how other people run their farms.”


Always learning something new

“I think some people are shy to walk into an event on their own. The way I think about it is if you go to an event and learn one thing, quite often that thing will make you a lot better farmer. There are a lot of practical ideas you can pick up.”


Continuing the smaller herd tradition

“Farming is all I ever grew up with and I enjoy the lifestyle, you get to work from home. It has its challenges for sure, there are some days when you think “Why am I doing this?” but I enjoy the challenge, every day and every season is different dairy farming, it is rewarding.”


SMASH supporter from the start

“SMASH events are more relevant for smaller herds farmers, you don’t feel out of place as you are not among the big corporates. It’s good to have small events like SMASH. I would encourage anyone to go to a SMASH event if they get a chance. I enjoy the interaction with the people afterwards as much as the topics.”

Nathan and Rosie

Career switch to smaller herd pays off

“We like the SMASH events so much because they are at a good level, they are deep enough to be worthy of going, and practical enough that we can use them in everyday life. Getting off the farm to go to an event is like a holiday! We feel so refreshed afterwards, it’s like we have been away for ever!”

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