Our Farmers / It is worthwhile coming to SMASH events!

Read the stories of farmers who have come along to SMASH events. Find out about their farming businesses and how SMASH has helped them.

Mac and Lynda

Passionate about dairying

“SMASH has done a hell of a good job at picking good stuff to listen to. Sometimes you go along thinking “I have heard this all before” but it is amazing what new stuff comes up. You will always get something out of it.”

The Roltons and Rombouts

A helping hand for young farmers

“I went to a SMASH event at Karapiro and there were three big chunks of information presented that we were interested in. There’s your information in three hours, all done. “


A smaller herd perspective

“It’s a different group of people that come to SMASH events to those you meet at other things, they are a group of people you wouldn’t normally get a chance to talk to. That’s really noticeable and really good. It is a very non-threatening, supportive environment, where the topics take a perspective of smaller herds.”

Aaron and Tania

Successful relationships the key to success

“We have kind of gone off discussion groups because they tend to just look after our little district. Discussion groups are mainly people checking up on what the neighbours are doing whereas SMASH events are different, we get a lot more from them. I wholeheartedly loved it. It is good getting out of the area too.”

Colin and Rachael

Keeping it in the family

Colin and Rachael are a father and daughter team farming between Pirongia and Te Awamutu in the Waikato. Rachael has just taken up a position as a lower order sharemilker on farm, with Colin looking to scale back his involvement once she finds her feet.

Matt and Sarah-Jane

Strength in smaller numbers

The strong working partnership of smaller herd farmers Matt and Sarah-Jane Yates has been a cornerstone to the success of their farming business. Matt started his career drystock farming on the family block, but its sale enabled him to buy his own property.

Gavin and Jody

Back to the future

Six years ago Gavin, and his partner Jody Hansen, shifted from Waikato to Northland to take up a job offer. They are now in their fifth season 50:50 sharemilking in the Bay of Islands. They milk 180 Jersey cows through a 20 aside herringbone shed on the 60 ha (eff) farm.


Living the dairy dream

Markus Woutersen is just starting out on his dairy farming career: he’s in his fourth season sharemilking on the family farm near Cambridge. Although he is at the beginning of his farming journey his passion for farming dates back to his early childhood.


Plate to paddock career change

Ashley Waugh and Catherine Steffert bought their 90 ha farm, on rolling country near Te Awamutu, in 2011 and they are loving the change of lifestyle.  For Ashley it was a watershed moment in his career. “I was 55, I’d had thirty-five years of corporate life in senior executive roles. I loved my business career but I looked around one day and thought, “Let’s go do something else”.