Autumn catch up – John van der Goes

Once again I’m slow writing this blog. I must be getting old as time just seems to fly by.

Nothing much seems to have happened since my last blog but I guess a lot of the day is taken up doing routine stuff.

We have been fortunate to have had reasonable rain fall so pasture covers and growth have been good. This, plus the fodder beet we have left, means we are able to carry on milking. We have just dried off the lightest cows to give them time to reach their target condition score by calving – as the season has been a lot better than the predictions there were only forty that needed drying off. I am still milking most of my empties as well to help with eating all the fodder beet.

In the last month I have been able to get some fencing done at the runoff. This has been on the list for at least five years. All the fences were post and batten with no barb wire and no electric wires either. This meant that all the battens ended up together and the heifers every year would learn to push through.

JVG old fence combined

This usually ended up with broken posts and lots of bad language. We have now removed the battens on most of the fences and put electric wires in their place. Only two more fence lines left to fix and then they are all done.

JVG fence heifers combined

The next job on the list is to resurface the races. I was meant to start during the summer but my grader blade needed a ram repaired, this took ages and it only came back a couple of weeks ago. I was busy with the fencing and wanted to finish the job before starting a new one (a very rare occurrence). Hopefully the weather will continue to play ball and allow me to get this job done.

JVG race combined

Hope all is well with you guys out there as well.

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