Back to reality – John van der Goes

Well, it’s back to reality this morning, first milking after a two week holiday. Lazing at the beach and fishing in my new kayak.

Have returned home to find the pasture growth predictor saying zero growth for the next week. Things are starting to look quite brown and next round will find the cows going in to fairly bare paddocks.

I thought I had sorted the mastitis problem before I left but returned to more cases and the need to cull two more cows because they haven’t cleaned up properly. I’m finding I have no tolerance for mastitis cows now and am a lot quicker to send them away.

We have started a new system where we take a sample from any cow we find with a crook quarter and get it cultured to see what type of mastitis we are dealing with. Then treat them with the right drug for that type of mastitis.

Now I’ve come back it’s time to get on with some maintenance jobs. The ground is too hard for fencing so I need to start with the races. I’m going to clean the edges and resurface them. I will need to try and get this done alongside a busy social schedule!

JVG holiday3

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