Busy, busy – John van der Goes

Time flies when you are having fun. And even more so when you are not.

Things on farm are still quite hectic. Seems like it takes all day just to get the essentials done.

Add in meetings and off farm activities there seems to be very little time left to do the jobs I wanted to get done (most of them from before calving), but still I guess most of us are in the same boat.

Have to say (shock, horror) that I actually managed to get my grass seed planted pretty well on time this year, which is a first. This was probably helped by rain arriving in time to get started. Although the next lot came half an hour before I had finished planting the last paddock and I had to stop because I couldn’t stay on the hill.

This year seems to have been our year of social activities, especially after Christmas. We have had something on at least every week and quite often two or three things.

We spent a weekend with friends riding converted golf carts on the Forgotten World railway a couple of weeks ago. Great fun and good company.

Forgotten World railway.

Biking seems to have taken somewhat of a back seat this year and I am feeling quite unfit and lazy. But I did sneak in a couple of fishing trips. Not much help for the waistline.

The payout has meant a bit of a rethink about the tree planting programme. I will still be planting, but will not be buying as many trees as I had planned. Instead I will plant more poplars from cuttings off trees I have already. The time to plant is almost here and hopefully I will be ready.

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