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Making the Switch - Wellsford, November 21st

November 21, 2019

We are meeting on the farm of contract milker Kylie Guckert, and farm owners Murray and Elaine Shepherd, to talk about once a day milking, reducing mastitis and building a successful contract milking relationship.

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Focus on the Business - Te Aroha, November 26th

November 26, 2019

Our hosts, DBOY finalists Richard and Davina Syme, will reveal how they have built a profitable farm business that also allows them to achieve their off-farm goals.

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Spotlight on the System - Otorohanga, November 28th

November 28, 2019

Find out about Michael and Susie Woodwards’ new farm business, which is self-contained, and where they milk their A2 cows OAD.

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