Milk Price Fixing – The Fundamentals

“I believe every dairy farmer should be using fixed milk prices.” Nigel McWilliam, MBS Advisors. This tool can provide benefits for farm businesses of all sizes. If you are thinking about using it, or you have given it a try, then watch this video of our livestream to find out more.

Nigel has used milk price fixing in his own farm business, and advises his clients on how to use this approach effectively. He chatted with farmer, Gaynor Tierney, about her experiences using it, and Satwant Singh, Commodity Risk and Trading, Fonterra. They discussed:

  • What the options are, and how they work, in simple terms.
  • What the benefits could be for your business.
  • What you need to think about when selecting a strategy and when determining how much of your supply to lock in.
  • How this tool is working this season for farmers.

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