Round the Kitchen Table – chatting about winter planning

We had a live chat and a cuppa with Noldy Rust, Waikato farmer, and Wade Bell, AG360 farm consultant.

Noldy discussed current farm conditions and winter planning with a focus on the key stock, feed and financial decisions. They used Noldy’s farm as an example, but there were plenty of take-home messages for anyone thinking about how to manage the months up to calving. The questions they investigated included:

  • What does the herd look like after coming through a dry summer and what strategies can farmers use to make sure cows will hit their calving BCS target?
  • What drying off strategy has Noldy used? And what is his herd health plan for his cows and heifers?
  • How is Noldy managing his youngstock?
  • What is Noldy’s feed budget looking like for the winter?
  • What are the plans for supplementary feeding next season? What analysis is Noldy going to carry out? And what role is PKE going play?


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