Late spring sonnet – Noldy Rust

Spring is here or is it not, sometimes cold and sometimes hot.

Grass is growing, open the round, next bloody minute it’s slowing down!

Fickle spring weather here again, a mix of sunshine, wind and rain.

Have to monitor what’s going on; eye off the ball and it all goes wrong!

Regular farm walks are a must, with solid data we can trust,

To make good decisions and plan ahead, or end up in the poo instead.

Too much grass that goes all rank, or hungry cows with an empty tank!

Pre and post grazing cover’s the key, these must be watched so carefully,

When to drop some paddocks out, or add some more supplement down the spout.

NR mating scratchy

Scratchy application

NR teaser bull

Teaser bull


Mating lurks so alertness needed, tips to identify bullers heeded.

Tail paint, Kmars and scratchies too, teaser bull has lots to do.

It’s so important to get it right, next year’s calving’s in our sight.

Separate mob or once a day, that’s our tactic come what may,

For all the ones identified, that haven’t cycled or even tried.

Run with bulls to get them going, seems to get the oestrogen flowing,

The rest will have to miss the fun, and be part of the technician’s AI run.

I feel a bit for these poor girls, I’m sure they too would love a whirl,

To be with the bull the natural way, and have their own little roll in the hay.

NR silage making 

Silage from the runoff’s done, lucky we had two days of sun,

To get it home and stacked away, covered nicely to avoid decay.

Chopped and carted, no bales this year, seemed much cheaper, that bit’s clear.

Although we had to cover the stack, a bit of work and a real sore back!

A chance for the kids to help us out, they are so willing without a doubt,

Was it the joy of helping dad, or the drinks and dinner that made them glad?

To chuck some tyres and wet each other, and get a dinner from their mother?


Maize to plant is next on the list, it’s sure an opportunity not to miss,

To utilise effluent and maximise yield, and get new grass back in that field.

It hurts to spray the annual grass, but in good time the pain’ll pass.

A high yielding crop’s a joy to see, ready for harvest late February.

Or maybe in March we’ll see how we go, depends on the strength of El Nino.

How El plays out’s a mystery, we know he’s out there warming the sea,

Moving onshore to affect our weather, we’ll have to get through this together.

Plan ahead and store some feed, hoarding supplement is no greed.

It’s simply preparing for the worst, for when in summer our soils thirst,

and grass won’t grow and all is brown, some stored up feed will ease the frown.

So be prepared for whatever comes, make your plans and do your sums.

We have been warned it could be tough, as if the payout’s not enough.

What lies ahead is anyone’s guess, it could be more, it could be less.

Seize the day and enjoy the time, that’s the end of this dumb little rhyme!!


  • Well said Noldy!

  • You’re a creative genius Noldy – beautifully written!

  • A very lovely message:,words of wisdom and insight in times when we need them so much ! Thank you very much Noldy .
    I’m a dairy farmer down in Invercargill ( ended up here after 20 years of contract|share-milking in the North Island),reading about S M A S H herds and owners really encourages me as I think the smaller herds and farms have an very important place .
    The very best ,Mark Janssen

    • Hi Mark,

      Glad you read it and enjoyed it! Thank you for the positive comments. All the best to you down in the deep south! Together we can build each other up and get through difficult times!!

      Regards, Noldy

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