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New run off

After many, many, many years of looking and putting offers in and signing contracts only to have them fall over (not from our side) we have secured a run-off and we paid the deposit on Monday. Mrs. Frostie can now get rid of all those newspapers lying around, and all those real estate mags, and Frostie can now start focusing his attention on how to make the best use of every piece of grass he can grow.

One of the biggest problems we have had over the years (since we moved from the South Island), is that we have not had full control of raising our young stock. We have had good graziers at times but then the price goes through the roof, or the grazier changes their plans, and we have to look for new grazing again. Over the last few years we have tried to keep the R1s on the home farm to have more control over their growth, and this has worked well, although it has put pressure on the milking platform at times.

The size of our new run off will mean we can raise all our young stock, grow maize and winter cows there, taking pressure off the milking platform (and Frostie has something to do). There are many things that need to be done on this block, like put in yards and gradually change the grasses to fescue, but these are exciting projects. The current owners have agreed to re-grass with fescue in the maize paddocks, so we are very grateful to be a year ahead on some things already.

Home block

The grass on the farm has been growing like stink over the last few weeks, with the rain and then the heat in the day, but with these last few days of a southerly blast this will slow down. You would think the flies would disappear with this cold weather, but no, they are still there!

Mr and Mrs Frostie milked together over the Easter break and a few extra days to give our workers some time off and we are happy to report we are still married and talking to each other. Three of the children ran off to Easter Camp and the other one ran to a friend’s place for the weekend, so we were left to milk on our own. Thankfully Bridget’s Dad came to the party and milked in the afternoon, so there was a meal on the table at night and a few other things got done in the weekend. One of the downsides to the weekend was the loss of the wedding and engagement rings – usually these are left at home, but this morning Mrs Frostie forgot to take them off so put them in her pocket, long story short they were not there when she got home and could be anywhere. Thank goodness for insurance – maybe this could be an opportunity for Frostie to propose again.

Another 88t of silage came in after Easter – our family was next to useless, with one child coming home from camp sick, one has a broken hand so can only throw tyres with his left hand, and the oldest has a ripped quad muscle and is not able to do much either, so with a bit of bribery we rounded up some of their friends and got the stack covered.

With the school holidays upon us, and the milkings out of the way, the boys have had a chance to get the guns out and practice their target shooting and enjoy a day at the .22 Jungle lane event at Tauhei. The girls also got to do some shopping. Then we did get to the beach this last week (with a few extras as usual) and enjoyed a day mostly inside out of the rain, and then a couple of days out on the water with the children in the biscuit – the water was warmish but the wind was freezing!!

The other highlight was Mitch getting his full licence – another taxi driver in the house! YAY! Congrats Mitch, we are proud of you.

BF clay shooting Apr blog

Four lined up to shoot one clay!

BF biscuiting Apr blog

A day on the water – it was colder than it looks!

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