Planting trees – John van der Goes

After 12 years or so of re-fencing and rearranging our farm we now want to start planting trees and the stream that runs through it. I have talked about doing this since we first came here. For a long time I was unsure how to tackle this project, not wanting to start and have to change things because it wasn’t right. I had a lot of questions and not a lot of answers. I would like to plant four to five trees along most fence lines, for shade and as wind breaks, along one boundary and up along a road side. I have managed over time to pick up bits and pieces, and got hold of Naturally Native, who have come out and looked at the farm and heard about what I would like to do. They have given me a number of suggestions and it seems like I wasn’t too far off the mark. So I have come up with a plan (it is all in my head) to plant areas gradually over time, starting off with three paddocks in May ‘15. I have decided to plant the same species along each fence line, and each fence line’s a different species. The boundary will have a mixture of quick growing trees and slower growing natives. Roll on May.

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  • Hey John
    What trees in particular did they think were suitable for your place and what situations were they suitable for e.g. which ones for fencelines?

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