Rain, but not enough – John van der Goes

Howdy all,

This blog finds us having had the rain we wanted and grass cover starting to improve. To help speed up the increase in cover we have slowed the rotation to around 50 days. We have increased the amount of supplement we’re feeding the cows to cover the decrease in pasture. Unfortunately it looks like the rain I thought we would get this weekend won’t happen so fingers crossed we get some soon.

Our cow condition is still good so hopefully we can milk on to May.

It’s now time to start regrassing the chicory paddocks. This will give me something to do since the ground is still too hard to fence, or do any sort of digging, as I found out when I replaced a water line last week.

I managed to get out for a fish in my kayak last week. The first time since our holiday. Had a great half day fishing at the Kaiaua mussel farms.

Since coming home we have been to more concerts than we have been to in all our life, and it seems to have been full on with other meetings and outings.

Now I need to start thinking ahead about tree planting, when to dry off, getting all the grass seed in as soon as possible, and doing the fencing I was meant to do last winter.

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