SMASH Conference 2019 – Waikato, June 18th

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New season: Fresh ideas

This year’s program is an exciting one! We hope to see you there on the day ready to learn, mingle, and be inspired!

Program 2019

9:00 Registration desk opens Meet and greet, cuppa and chat.
Morning Session
10:00 The conference opens SMASH representative
Welcome to the 2019 conference.
10:15 The Miraka story Richard Wyeth, Miraka
Richard will reveal the story behind Miraka, their Te Ara Miraka principles, value-add products, and give an insight into the trade into China.
11:15 Farming within environmental limits Guy Salmon, Ecologic
Dairying can build on the strengths it is showing on freshwater: listening, learning, innovating, being accountable, and taking collective action. Guy will speak about how this approach might work for climate change. Does methane matter, and if so, how can it be dealt with? Value opportunities in the emerging, environmentally-aware world and configuring our systems to leverage these opportunities.
12.15 Pecha kucha
12:25 Lunch time
Afternoon Session
1:20 Pecha kucha
1:30 Pick ‘n Mix Three session options, you pick two
  Features of farm businesses which survive and thrive Graeme Doole, DairyNZ
  Recent DairyNZ research has identified six key factors that are a feature of resilient farm businesses. Graeme will outline these factors and how you can use them to build your own sustainable business.
  How to value your pasture: Let us count the ways David Chapman, DairyNZ
  We all know pasture is the foundation of our dairy industry. But do we really know how much value we are getting from pasture improvement now? And where the value will lie in the future? David will challenge us on the value we are truly getting from pasture and what might need to change in order to make progress.
  The opportunities and challenges of de-intensifying your dairy system Dave Clark, scientist
  Dave will delve into why farmers and analysts have reached different conclusions about the economics of intensification. He will also look at the opportunities to de-intensify a System 5 operation and what ‘breakthroughs’ would be needed in a pasture-based dairy system if severe constraints were imposed on feed inputs or stocking rates.
3.30 Pecha kucha
3:45 Afternoon tea
4:15 A DIY guide to living well in a crazy world Karen Nimmo, clinical psychologist
  Karen will speak about fronting up to life’s challenges and offer tools and tips for building resilience and taking care of the things that matter.
5:15 The end Program is now complete, time to relax with nibbles and a drink.


Event Details

Day 1: June 18, 2019

Start time: 09:30 a.m.

End time: 06:00 p.m.

Venue: Don Rowlands Centre, Karapiro, Cambridge

Email: [email protected]

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