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Pregnancy testing

It’s always a nervous time when the vet turns up to do our annual preg test. However, I thought mating had gone extremely well and I had observed very few cows cycling since the bulls were pulled out. I had to keep telling myself though that it isn’t a done deal till the last row is scanned.

But when we got the cows in as the rows flowed through my grin got bigger and bigger. With the last row done it was time for the count up and work out the percentage in calf. A quick calculation and, it’s unbelievable: 95% in calf for the MA cows! Then off to the grazier’s to scan the R2s and that was an even better result: 100% in calf………. Time to celebrate with a drink I think!!!


When we planted our summer crop it was decided that a new lane would be put in for better access to the front half of the farm and to also reduce some of the walks by over 1 km and hopefully reduce lameness. So over the last few weeks we have started the major job of removing a stand of large poplar trees and creating a cutting down a terrace, below are some progress photos!

TG race5

TG race

TG race2

TG race3

Rain Rain Rain

Well, one wouldn’t believe it, after only 20 ml in December January hit and so did the rain and we haven’t had to irrigate since. It’s been fantastic and looks like we might end up making some baleage in February, also the summer crops have bolted away giving some impressive yields. Our rape crop has reached 1.25 m tall and we have 4 ha of that still to get through.

Don’t forget

Make sure you bring yourselves along to the SMASH field day here on the 9th March at 353 Wilson Rd, Parakao. Dairy Number 13317. The topic for the day will be regrassing coming out of cropping, with some expert speakers and plenty of time for all your questions and lots of discussion, plus there will be farmer health checks, morning tea and lunch provided!


  • What an awesome result Trent – well done to your team!!

  • Hi Trent, I’m a bit late to reply but like to comment on your awesome I.C results .That is outstanding !
    Have you done things different then other years and what was you I.C rate in previous seasons ?

    The development job looks very good ,it will make a huge difference for you and the cows once it is completed .Photos look great.

    Hopefully the rain keeps coming in time to finish the season well for you .

    Kind regards ,Mark

    • Hi Mark
      Thanks for the kind words. Our first season here we had an 18% empty rate, last season we had a 16% empty rate and this season 5%. There are a few reasons for the better performance 1, the herd is getting younger (half the herd was made up of budget cows when we purchased them) 2, This season we bolused all our cows with Tracesure boluses (these contain Selenium, Iodine and Cobalt and last 6mth). 3, This season we put all the cows on OAD at the end of August, This was due to low payout, lack of feed and just Aimee and I doing the season without staff. So it’s a combo of the three but the obvious one is the OAD

      • Thank you Trent ,that shows how much production influences reproduction .You must be so glad with the decision milking OAD as it had other benefits as well .Good on you for looking outside the square and sharing it with others .Kind regards Mark

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