Some more tree planning – John van der Goes

It’s time to update you all on what’s happening at my place.

We’ve just put in the last of our silage from the runoff so hopefully now we will be able to get those jobs done that were meant to be done before calving! Like finishing the fencing that has been pulled out because hedges had holes in them, or where we had put up hot tapes until we could get new ones up.

In the meantime I have had more time to think about my tree planting programme – what I want to plant and where.

I have decided to plant small areas at a time about 3 – 4 paddocks. I am going to plant the boundary with quick growing poplars to act as shelter for the native trees (totara, kahikatea and ribbonwood) which I will plant in between. I have also been told that ribbonwood will be good along the stream banks as well.

Fence lines between paddocks will be planted with the same tree for each fence line – like tree lucerne on one fence line and honey locust on another. I will also use silver birch and plane trees.

Here is a map of my place with the plan so far….

JVG blog2 farm map with trees

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