The end of calving is near – Brian Frost

Since our last blog the grass has at last started growing. We are still behind what we would like, but at least we are moving in the right direction.

All of the cows are back from the run-off and we have 93% of the herd calved. Mostly this has gone without too many problems; we have enjoyed having the run-off, being able to monitor the cows ourselves and bring them back to the home farm closer to calving, so as to lessen the pressure on the milking platform.

We have had many sleepless nights thinking about how we handle mating for this coming season – what timing shall we do for the heifers? Shall we just stick with bulls or go the AB route? How much will everything cost and how much will we lose if we go for the cheaper options? How will our plan impact on the workers and the length of calving? Many, many questions, with the decision being made to PG synchronize the heifers starting on the 16th September and start AB on 5th October for the cows.

The last weather bomb that went through was a real test for the maintenance that has recently been done on the surrounding drains. Up until this last lot of rain we had only been flooded once, when we first re-grassed the paddocks which had been in turnips. The maintenance seemed to be making a difference, but not for this last lot. Unfortunately the water came in again with force and made farming very stressful as this is where the cows were due to go. Thankfully, the water went out after a couple of days and has not done too much damage, and the pasture has stood the test.

On Monday we had our first case of Theileria :(. We are not sure where this has come from – perhaps the run-off – but nonetheless we are not the first, nor will we be the last, so we are putting things in place to prevent any more cows getting it.

On the home front

Mrs. Frostie finished her full time stint at DairyNZ and survived :).

All the winter sport is coming to an end – summer sports have started – ALREADY!!!

Dance and music exams have been achieved – the violin player got 96%!!!

Unfortunately we did not miss the flu going around members of the household! – YUK!BF ball Sept blog

For a break from the calving and farming stuff Mrs. Frostie encouraged family and friends to attend the ‘Grand Affair Ball’ at the Horsham Downs Church (and they had to go as she was on the organizing committee). It was lovely to dress up and attend something classy – a change from green overalls and smelling like cows 🙂

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