Time for a holiday – Noldy Rust

Don’t you just love January?? All the joys and pressures of the Christmas period have passed, New Year celebrations have been and gone, and the month that usually has the least amount of “things to do” plastered all over the calendar has arrived! I guess, at our place anyway, one of the major reasons that the January calendar doesn’t have too many “things to do” plastered all over it is because the December page is the last one in last year’s calendar, and there’s nowhere to write down stuff to do in January until the new one goes up!! And the new calendar can’t go up until January or else it’s bad luck, isn’t it?? Plus, which calendar do you put where?? I mean, the “Jock” calendar from “Farmline” was in the toilet last year so it should really go in the kitchen this year with the “John Austin” one having it’s turn in the toilet, and the Finch Contracting one going in the office, or should that one go the dairy shed and we bring the LIC one over to the house?? But do you really need one in the toilet? I mean, what’s the point?? Plus the “John Austin” calendar is very big and the toilet room is quite small…


But doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun? It’s fair to say that much of January has already whizzed by and we’re all staring in the face of getting down to seriously disciplined living again. School starting, meetings, fieldays, farm work…..you name it, it will begin…..The casual nature of life in January, not only in the farming calendar but in life in general, is something to enjoy and embrace.

Sam had time away over Christmas/New Year which was really nice for him, and I must say enjoyable for me also; getting in the routine again of milking and daily chores around the farm. However, it was nice to see Sam return and take the helm again, enabling me to get out on my bike for the odd ride and catch up on a few of those long overdue chores. It was great to get back to my Pioneer job also and see how the crops had advanced over the days I had off.

This cooler January that we are experiencing, coupled with some reasonable amounts of rainfall from time to time, has meant that life on the farm has been fairly relaxed. Feeding out has been minimal with even a little silage made on farm a couple of weeks back. Weed spraying has taken a bit of a priority for Sam since his return from 10 days away. I thought it was better to give any spraying a miss while I was in charge as I might have mixed the spray up wrong, sprayed the weeds he was saving to spray himself, or done him out of a job when he returned!! I could tell he was deeply touched by my thoughtfulness as he would have hated to not have had any weeds to spray in the last few weeks!

Production is ahead on a daily basis compared to last year, but we are still only gaining on last year’s production at an agonizingly slow pace. It seems it’s so easy to drop behind in spring but oh so hard to catch up…. A bit like what the cricketers experience when the required run rate gets further and further out of reach!!


However, enough about the farm, this is January and I am happy to say that I am fortunate enough to have a few days off this week. Bev and I shot up to Coromandel for a couple of days and now are off to Whangamata, where the boot is on the other foot for a change as she will be working in the Mavis & Mick “pop up” shoe shop and I will be having a holiday…nice change, she works and I spend…..

noldy-bloggingOf course, as you can see, my commitment is to the fore. I have my laptop with me, so in between some reading, bush walks, exploring, eating, the odd drink, walking, eating, the odd drink, sleeping, eating, the odd drink, and lots of other “holiday stuff”, I am busy keeping up with the other duties that can be done whilst on holiday, such as blogging! The good thing about blogging is that I can multitask and still do some of the other “holiday” stuff at the same time, although it’s fair to say maybe not the walking, exploring or sleeping!

I need to go now, I have a book to finish and then a very important meeting with a waiter at a lovely little dining place where I intend to offer my services sampling some of his culinary delights. I hope you’ve had a chance to do the same. Holidays and breaks away are very important and really good to get the mind off things, but perhaps not too good on the condition score aspect of one’s life!

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