Trying out fodder beet – John van der Goes

It’s past time I updated you on what’s happening here. Calving has been probably the easiest one we have done for a long time. Not many metabolic issues, very few mastitis cows, and the heifers were the best to break in ever. Hardly any kicked, and if they did it was half-hearted and only for […]

Busy, busy – John van der Goes

Time flies when you are having fun. And even more so when you are not. Things on farm are still quite hectic. Seems like it takes all day just to get the essentials done. Add in meetings and off farm activities there seems to be very little time left to do the jobs I wanted […]

Rain, but not enough – John van der Goes

Howdy all, This blog finds us having had the rain we wanted and grass cover starting to improve. To help speed up the increase in cover we have slowed the rotation to around 50 days. We have increased the amount of supplement we’re feeding the cows to cover the decrease in pasture. Unfortunately it looks like the […]

Back to reality – John van der Goes

Well, it’s back to reality this morning, first milking after a two week holiday. Lazing at the beach and fishing in my new kayak. Have returned home to find the pasture growth predictor saying zero growth for the next week. Things are starting to look quite brown and next round will find the cows going […]

Some more tree planning – John van der Goes

It’s time to update you all on what’s happening at my place. We’ve just put in the last of our silage from the runoff so hopefully now we will be able to get those jobs done that were meant to be done before calving! Like finishing the fencing that has been pulled out because hedges […]

Planting trees – John van der Goes

After 12 years or so of re-fencing and rearranging our farm we now want to start planting trees and the stream that runs through it. I have talked about doing this since we first came here. For a long time I was unsure how to tackle this project, not wanting to start and have to […]